No One Likes Waiting for Their Computer to Startup

Why is my startup So Slow? – it’s often slow and sometimes slower still!  One reason that startups can become slow is due to updates and patches that Microsoft has pushed to our computers in response to a security concern.  Everyone is concerned with security these days — and Microsoft is updating our computers almost daily.

We can ensure the fastest boot times with a few simple steps:

  1. Leave your computer on at all times – your computer is receiving updates from Microsoft regularly and we should be ready to receive them at any time
  2. Before you leave for lunch, the end of the day, or for the weekend, reboot your computer.   We often have to reboot our computers when first sitting at our desks in the morning, however, our reboot may actually be triggering our computers to apply the Windows update it just received!  Rebooting when we are ready to leave our desk, however, will allow updates to be applied/downloaded or applied automatically without other open programs that interfere with an automatic reboot.
  3. Leaving our computers on does not consume much power and is not less secure if we are password protecting Windows.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the above!