Log Off vs Disconnect

When using your cloud server or other forms of RDP (remote desktop), there are two ways in which you can leave your connection: Logging off or Disconnecting. However, these two have different results believe it or not. If you simply select the “X” at the top of your window, you are Disconnecting.

Disconnecting leaves your open applications running and continues to use the resources of the server/desktop that is being connected to. This can cause issues for you when you reconnect or for other users who are connected as well.

Logging Off, also called Signing Out, can be done by either using the “Log Off RD” icon on your Desktop, or by selecting “Start’“ in your RD window, then your account bubble, and lastly “Log Off” or “Sign Out.” If you would like for us to add this “Log Off RD” shortcut, please let us know.