Google Drive for Desktop Update

As you may have been seeing, Google will be unifying their ‘Backup and Sync’ and ‘File Stream’ features into one program called ‘Google Drive for Desktop’. This new ‘Drive’ program will work in a similar way to both of the previous features; users can backup selected folders or photos, access their files from other devices, and save directly to their online G Drive from their desktop. 
If you are already a ‘Drive’ user then you should be able to continue working as you are. However, those who are currently using ‘Backup and Sync’ or ‘File Stream’ please feel free to contact us with any concerns about this update as it rolls out over the next few months. For those who currently aren’t using a cloud storage system, we highly recommend using this ‘Drive on Desktop’ program. 

IMPORTANT If you are a current ‘Backup and Sync’ user and/or have the pictured icon in the lower right corner of your screen next to your clock, we highly recommend you set up a time with us to discuss your options for backing up your information and important files.

Google’s changes will affect current users of ‘Backup and Sync’ and will replace the way that users backup storage for their files. If you wish to further discuss these changes, any concerns, your options, and/or how to use them, please feel free to contact us to set up a time so that we can help.