McAfee Phishing Email

We have many of our clients reporting that they have received the following email or one that looks similar. They should ignore and delete it immediately:

McAfeeThanks for being our existing valued customer.

We hope you’ve been enjoying our premium services- 5 devices subscription.
We wanted to give you a heads up that we will be charging you for the next period of your subscription today.
Your account is debited with $429.98 which will be shown on your statement shortly.

Your Subscription Details :

Product Name : Mcafee All-Round Secure Net 5 Devices Protection
Plan Details : One Year
Product Price : $429.98

Billing Support #+1 888-560-XXXX

If you have any problems with the VPN, your account or any other technical issue, please raise a ticket on “Help Section Page”.

If you have any problem with your payment reach out to us on our billing support number.


This is a phishing email. 

The purpose of this attack is that the sender wants a recipient to click the link and put in valuable information such as passwords, usernames, credit cards, etc. Filters do their best to try and block this kind of phishing attempt, but every so often, one gets through. The best thing to do is simply ignore and delete this email. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns with any suspicious emails that you may be receiving.