Log4J Vulnerabilities and AWS Outage Update

Log4J Vulnerability
You may have been hearing news and reports of a security vulnerability called ‘Log4J’. Log4J is a logging program used by big name companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Minecraft. Recently, a flaw was discovered that could give open access to these logs and/or company servers. These companies who use Log4J are working to put out updates to prevent breaches, and as customers we just need to apply these updates when they are available.
AWS Outage Update
As of 11:01 AM EST on 12/15/2021, Amazon has identified the root cause of an outage to AWS US-West-2 and has taken steps to restore connectivity. There has been some improvement in the last few minutes but they continue to work towards full recovery. While we are aware of AWS specific services affected by the outage – we are not aware of 3rd parties that rely on AWS that deliver services to you. Please report any outages to us and we can advise if they appear to be related to the AWS outage.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.