Webroot Cybersecurity

Although your office may be using McAfee products that came bundled with your new computer or our previously recommended ESET Endpoint Antivirus subscription, we now provide Webroot as our recommended antivirus and antimalware solution. Webroot’s solution against security threats works with the cloud allowing continuous scanning of your files and updating of its security database – not slowing your computer with long, scheduled scans.  The service installs instantly and silently and protects against viruses, malware and identity (Ransomware) threats.  Please review their video here. We recommend this solution even in your are currently paying a subscription for another solution. 

Pricing is $3 per month per user and a free trial is available. 

Windows 7 Upgrades to Windows 10 Now Possible!

We had mentioned in an earlier email and newsletter that your Windows 7 computers would eventually need to be replaced by the end of 2020. After some research and testing, we found that Microsoft has enabled a method that will allow us to upgrade select computers that are running Windows 7 without the need to replace them.

Microsoft is providing this upgrade FREE OF CHARGE and the only cost is our labor to perform the upgrade.

We can quickly determine the computers in your office that are good candidates to upgrade.

Contact us for next steps!!