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Our staff is your staff

  • Edward Ko

    President and Owner

    Your first paid job?
    Washed test tubes for a research doctor.

    Favorite Star Trek captain:

    Sonic or Mario?

    Cork or Screwcap?

  • Chris Warner

    IT Specialist

    PC or Xbox?

    Coffee or Tea?
    Energy Drinks

    If you could be a bird it would be…
    An Oriole, my favorite team!

    How are you so awesome?
    I was just born this way.

  • Kris Rippel

    Kris has been a business colleague of Systems and Software for over 10 years and formally joined our team in 2016.  She adds her extensive experience to our team in both project management and G Suite expertise. Please reach her via the email link below.

  • Brandon del Pilar

    We’d like to introduce Brandon Del Pilar, who joined Systems and Software in early 2017.  Brandon has been working closely with us for several years as an associate and is now a fully fledged member of our team.  He brings a wide range of technical expertise to Systems and Software and we are happy to offer up his added talents.  Please feel free to reach out to Brandon or say hello if he visits or calls your office.