Systems and Software Inc
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Our staff is your staff

  • Edward Ko

    President and Owner

    Your first paid job?
    Washed test tubes for a research doctor.

    Favorite Star Trek captain:

    Sonic or Mario?

    Cork or Screwcap?

  • Matt Jones

    Vice President

    iOS/OS X or Windows/Android?

    Miller Lite or Bud Light
    No thank you.

    Stones or Beatles
    The Toadies.

    Call of Duty or Halo?
    Call of Duty.

  • Chris Warner

    IT Specialist

    PC or Xbox?

    Coffee or Tea?
    Energy Drinks

    If you could be a bird it would be…
    An Oriole, my favorite team!

    How are you so awesome?
    I was just born this way.