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Google Apps

We are confident that most small businesses can benefit from the resources provided by Google Apps, the Software-as-a-service for business email, information sharing and security that provides.  As a Google Apps consulting company, we specialize in providing professional services including Google Apps setup, provisioning, data migration, remote service administration, help desk support services, etc.

These include:

  • Google Apps Setup and Provisioning: Set up Google Apps for your domain. For example:,, etc.
  • Data Migration: Migrating user’s existing email archives and documents into Google Apps.
  • Service Configuration and Customization: Configure service settings, including the Start Page, to map to business processes.
  • Mobile and Desktop Access: Set up Blackberry, iPhone and MS Outlook access to Google Apps.
  • Training and Best Practices: Train employees to use Google Apps and administrators to perform maintenance tasks.
  • API Integrations: Develop custom extensions and infrastructure integrations with Google’s APIs.  Application Development: Develop lightweight business web applications (Google Gadgets) that plug into the Start Page.
  • Remote Managed Services: Administer Google Apps remotely with the web-based control panel
  • Helpdesk Services: End-user support complements Google’s support offering for domain administrators.